Tormach PCNC 1100

A four axis –  CNC milling center. Accuracy is +/- .0002″, Repeatability +/- .0001″

CNC Master 1440 Lathe

Both manual and CNC modes for versatility
Plus  drill/mill, drill press, grinders, polishing equipment,  welding and heat treating capabilities.


More than 35 years in the trade. Bluing, repair, installation, custom fabrication, parts manufacturing and design.

Cad design

 BobCad/Cam software,

Bluing Service

A rust bluing process allows our shop to blue the old soft soldered double barrels to a deep blue without the heat that would ruin them .
We are also able to blue those pesky cast receivers that before would just turn red.  Our in-house bluing operation is able to give a
fast turn around time.  The process is still just right for your fine custom rifle or restoring your favorite hunting gun.
We also have conventional hot bluing available at a higher cost.