Specialty Bluing

It all starts with a high quality polish on all the steel parts. You have a choice of deluxe finish (mirror like polish), fine finish (600 grit), and fine with very fine bead blast. Other polish combinations on request.

Rust Bluing

It may take a little longer, cost more, but the results are superb. The time proven method of rust blue creates a classic deep blue color that last and lasts. Great for any gun you want to show off or carry for years. A must do for fine old doubles with soft soldered barrels. And it will blue the cast receivers and high nickel steel that turns red in hot blue.

Hot Bluing

As a companion to our room temperature and rust process, this is a medium priced solution to protecting your fine guns. We also offer the same high quality polishing and bluing using the conventional hot salt process. It will take a bit longer to get the gun back