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The original Auto Ordnance purchased by George Numrich produced a replica of the Thompson sub machinegun in Simi-auto. The “Tommy Gun” 1927A1 and the M1 never came with the removable butt stock made famous by the FBI and the criminals they pursued.

Years ago while manufacturing parts for,  I designed a butt stock adapter to mount the original stock slide, as it was called. I also made a number of reproduction stock slides that fit the original stock. Due to the high cost of making these stock slides I stopped making them since cast slides are now available. I purchase 3 of the reproductions and found them to vary from slide to slide with my adapters. So I offer a custom fit slide/adapter set.  These adapter are made to mimic the look and function of the original 1928 frame. Copied from original ordnance drawings, these are a true representation of the famous “Chicago Typewriters”

From the picture on the left you can see 6 mounting screws (6×32) and the positive stop milled into the slide. Far superior to the other adapters out there. The lock notch has the same dimensions and function as the original 28 frame. They come with a set of installation instructions. The picture on the right is a custom fit adapter and slide.

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An example would be a bolt hold open designed to eliminate the “third hand” and add a touch of realism by installing a selector rocker switch that operates the pawl. I designed a switch that is either checkered like the Colt or smooth like the Savage that controls the action of a newly designed pawl. The frame is also engraved like the Mod 28 with full auto and single.

More modifications are also available, such as:

1. Welding the adapter and filling the mounting screw holes.

2. Machining a Mod 28 style contour for the pistol grip and installing a 28 grip.

3. Install Green Mountain 14.125″ machine gun barrel for SBR license or pin and weld the compensator to make it 16″.